August 11 and 12, 2018

Old Wadena Rendezvous
and Chautauqua Celebration

This year at the Rendezvous: making something old new again. Welcome to the 2018 Rendezvous and Chautauqua. The Rendezvous takes place as usual on August 11 and 12 at Old Wadena County Historic Park (follow the signs from Staples if you are unsure of the location-about 4 miles north and west of Staples). There will be a fur trapper encampment, fry bread and live music all day with artists like Dawn and Gary Timbs, Margo McCreary puppeteer, Dave Virnala, Singleton Street, and the Brothers Burn Mountain as well as Ojibwe flute music by Jake Kaehne and the students who take his Chautauqua class (see below).

What is Chautauqua?
Chautauqua (/ʃəˈtɔːkwə/ shə-TAW-kwə) was an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Chautauqua assemblies expanded and spread throughout rural America until the mid-1920s.

This 150-year-old movement can be glimpsed again this August 11 and 12 at Old Wadena County Historic Park just north and west of Staples on the Crow Wing River. Under the Rendezvous big tops and in the new pavilion anyone can learn how to play the Ojibwe wooden flute, learn how to bring puppets to life through words and movement, paint a mini barn quilt, make a birdhouse, learn to square dance, shoot a bb gun safely, learn how to canoe, or learn to spin, card, and weave.

Some of these classes require pre-registration, but all are free with one low admission to the Rendezvous ($10 per person or maximum of $25 per family) from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. Call 218-371-6403.

Two classes take place before the Rendezvous with participants demonstrating what they learned/made at the Rendezvous.

Puppet Worlds Come Alive
Margo McCreary – storyteller and puppeteer will lead a Chautauqua on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, July 29-August 1. Pre –register for this free class by calling 218-371-6403. Class will meet at Old Wadena Park from noon to 4pm on Sunday and from 10am to 2pm the remainder of the class. Participants will take some time to make hand puppets, but the main part of the Chautauqua will focus on creating a compelling story and telling it through words and, most importantly, movement. Participants will make their debut as storytelling artists-bringing puppets to life- at the Rendezvous.

Ojibwe flute class
Jake Kaehne - Everyone loves the beautiful sound of the traditional American Indian wooden flute. Learn to plan these beautiful sounds in the traditional pentatonic music of Indian people. Flutes provided, or students may choose to purchase a wooden flute of their own (approximate cost $90). Class meets from 10am to noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (August 7-10) followed with a flute performance at the Rendezvous. Call 218-371-6403 to register for this free class.

Other workshops take place during the Rendezvous itself--and all classes are free!

Paint a mini barn quilt
Beth Kern, Mary Noska, and Lisa Kajer will lead participants in the creation of 2’ by 2’ mini barn quilts in 4 colors during the two days of the Rendezvous from 11am to 3pm each day. Chautauqua leaders will lead participants through design, drafting, taping, and painting a quilt on a primed 2-sided MDO board. Register for this free class by calling 218-371-6403. All materials are provided.

Build a birdhouse
Jon Hamberg will lead students in this introduction to carpentry. Each day of the Rendezvous all ages are engaged in creating a useful bird house to take home. From 11am to 4pm both days of the Rendezvous. Pre-registration not required.

Square Dance
Fun to watch, even more fun to dance. Join the Wadena Whirlaways on Saturday at the Rendezvous at 1 pm. Learn the basics of square dancing. All ages welcome.

Canoeing workshop Saturday at 2pm with Bob Schaefer. Sunday demonstrations and display of birchbark and cedar strip canoes with the Hafeman Boat Works form Bigfork, Minnesota.

Safely shoot a bb gun
Darlys Hamberg teaches gun safety and use.

This year is testing out these expanded learning and hands-on arts classes. Join us as we explore ways of expanding our horizons in the arts. Call 218-371-6403 with any questions.

Thanks to many businesses in the area for their support, as well as the Staples Lions, and 5 Wings Arts Council: the Rendezvous is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Five Wings Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.”

Click here for more class information and how to pre-register